Sunday, January 5, 2014


2014 is definitely off to a cold start.  It's supposed to get down in the single digits here by tomorrow night and it's been raining.  Our supermarket is out of bread, milk & toilet paper...not sure why, but every time there is a storm that's what goes  I know many of you are experiencing ice, snow, & below freezing temps too.  Hang in there friends.

I took my polymer clay out again & had some fun baking.
  At least the oven warms the basement a little ;-) 

In honor of the chilly temps, I made some chicken noodle soup. I always seem to have trouble with settling when I use Triple Thick, but all in all it turned out ok.  

I made the tray from a tutorial I found here.

I also baked some sweets.

Confetti Cake

Black & White Cookies, Eclairs, & Chocolate Cookies
I hope you like everything.  

Stay warm & have a great week!


  1. Everything is perfect and the sweets are delicious.
    Greetings, Faby

  2. Wow those foods look wonderful and yummy! mmmm .. I think you have made all of my favorite foods right there! Your cookies and éclairs look like perfection!

    Stay warm!

  3. I love it!!! All look delicious, especially sweets!! Hugs

  4. Baking Polymer Clay is a wonderful thing to do in the cold weather. Gives you an excuse to stand by the over. Your baking looks wonderful. Keep warm and snug.

  5. Wow Lisa, those look great! How cute! You stay warm too!

  6. I love your food it looks wonderful. The soup is fantastic.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Perfectas, te han quedado de lujo, besos:-)

  8. Wow! Delicious food! Keep warm and creative!
    Hugs, Drora

  9. Well somehow in Poland we don't have snow this year. I feel like in Italy (not a bad feeling though;).

  10. Everything you've baked looks so yummy that I'm hungry now... *LOL* The soup board looks stunning and it's perfect for the weather you're having and especially when having a cold. Here in Germany we have a very mild, spring-like winter so far... well, I don't complain, I dislike having to date my snow shovel. But what you're experiencing at the moment is incredible, hope you'll stay warm and that the frost will be over soon!


  11. The items you made are really lovely. Well done Lisa!! Keep baking! :)

  12. Your food is just so gorgeous! Great job, Lisa. I look forward to seeing more of your fantastic work! xo Jennifer

  13. Oh I know what you mean! Everytime we have a hurricane coming, all the supermarket shelves empty very quickly but the bread... it's the fastest to go (along with batteries!). I love your clay creations! Especially the soup! It looks so real! Best of luck with the cold weather! I get a little of it here but probably nothing campared to what you have now!

  14. Yum, great trays! Yeah crazy cold here in Wisc. too! Thanks for stopping by the blog! In Miniature Style II

  15. It all looks so very delicious and is a feast for the eyes to look at.
    In Denmark we have the warmest winter ever, so I hope winter goes without us.
    I send warm greetings

  16. Me encanta tu blog, tienes cosas maravillosas, Feliz 2014!! Un abrazo, arantza.

  17. E' tutto così perfetto e delizioso! Adoro la torta ed i biscotti al cioccolato, viene proprio voglia di mangiarli!

  18. O yum!!! I am on a diet at the moment and your food looks mouthwatering good!!! O what I wouldn't do for a chocolate éclair...
    Stay warm!!

  19. Oh, how adorable!! You are so creative in working with these tiny things, Lisa! Everything looks so life-like!

  20. Qué maravilla de trabajos, te doy las gracias por participar en mi sorteo, que tengas mucha suerte! Un abrazo

  21. I love your chocolate cookies :) And everything looks so cute :)
    Very thanks for the link! Pictures are so great - I will use them for sure :))

  22. Nice*
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    Let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

    Greetings <3

  23. We finally got some real cold here, and lots of snow =) I love a white winter =)
    Your food is great, I could need some of that warm soup now ;)
    Great work

  24. Esas comidas están tan bien hechas que me abren el apetito.
    Te felicito por tan buen trabajo

  25. Everything looks just delicious! I had a huge pot of chicken noodle soup last week and it really fills you up. The sweets look diving. I especially enjoy those black and white cookies... They were one of my favorites when I was little! Now off to check out that tray tutorial... Thanks for posting my giveaway on your sidebar! You rock! :)


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