Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mini Supplies Giveaway!

Hello everyone & how are you doing?  Are you tired of winter yet?  I am and can't wait for Spring.  I've been thinking about what to giveaway and I decided to have 2 giveaways of Mini Supplies that are somewhat Spring inspired. 

Giveaway 1 is for those of you that love to work with Polymer Clay.

It contains:
1 ~ Sculpey Translucent Clay 
1~ Sculpey Pearl Clay
3 ~ Packets of "Sugar" (Colored Sand) in Pink, Yellow & Green
1 ~ Packet of Daisy flowers.  These work great to top cupcakes or cakes.
1~ Level punch shaped like a Chickee.
1 ~ Craft Syringe
1 ~ 4 Piece Sculpey Tool Set
1 ~ Strawberry Cane
1 ~ Kiwi Fruit Cane
1 ~ Mini Acrylic Cutting Board

A close up of the Daisies, Canes & Cutting Board

Giveaway 2 is for those of you who prefer to work with Needle & Thread.

It contains:
Fabrics ~ 1 ~ 8" x 9" Pink Cotton w/ White Daisies
1 ~ 12" x 23" Light Blue Solid Silky Material
1 ~ 12" x 23" Light Green Solid Silky Material
Hat Straw ~ Mint Green & Light Blue
White Silk Ribbon
Seed Beads ~ 1 ~ Packet Crystal Clear
1 ~ Packet Pink
1 ~ Packet Assorted Blues & Greens
1 ~ Small Sewing Kit that has a pin cushion, scissors, tape measure, thimble, spools of thread, needles, safety pins & buttons

A closeup of the sewing kit

Another closeup of the sewing kit.

The rules to enter are:

1. Be follower of my blog

2. Leave a comment on this post telling me you'd like to participate.  If you have a preference as to which giveaway you prefer, please let me know that too.

If you would like to post on your blog that is appreciated, but not necessary.  

I will announce the 2 winners on March 7th on this blog.

Thank you for participating and good luck! :-)


  1. Wonderful and useful giveaway.
    Please, count me in. I put the link on my blog.
    Bye, Faby

  2. Dear Lisa, you have made us a really wonderful Giveaway! I love both, but if I am lucky enough to win...I'll prefer number 1. Please count me in.
    I did already put the link into my blog.

  3. Thank you very much! These giveaways are very beautiful!!
    Please count me in I put your link on my blog.
    I like these but I'll prefer n° 1
    Kisses from Italy

  4. Lisa, thank you so much for this give-away. I would love to win number 1 because I have heard of these products but I've never seen them in the shops over here so it would be a great opportunity to experiment. Fingers Crossed.

  5. Wow, great give away yes please count me in for the clay products!!

  6. Lovely giveaway. I was very lucky last year, I am hoping for a bit of that luck, so I will love to join your giveaway, so please count me in. I will put a link on my blog.

  7. A wonderful and generous giveaway! I have put your link on my blog and on the miniatures community.. but I will sit this one out and let someone else get the fantastic translucent magic pack ;P
    hugs! js

  8. me gustaria mucho participar en tu sorteo , lo anuncio en mi blog
    por cierto prefiero el lote del fimo en caso de que me toque



  9. Hi Lisa,
    What a fun give a way! I would love to have the sculptey set. Thanks so much for offering these as a give a way.
    Have a great day,

  10. Fabulous giveaways! Please count me in. Your ling will be on my blog.
    Thanks and hugs, Drora

  11. Hi LisaT! Great giveaways--thank you for the opportunity! I'd love to participate in giveaway #1, and I will post your giveaways on my blog's sidebar now. Thanks again--this looks like so much fun! xo Jennifer

  12. Hi Lisa, what a generous giveaway! Please include me in the drawing. I'm partial to the sewing set. :)

  13. Wonderful giveaway. Please count me in. Thank you for the chance.
    Hugs Maria

  14. What a wonderful draw you have!! (* *)
    I love both, but if I am lucky enough to win...I'll prefer number 1. So I hope you'll count me in.
    Thank you for the opportunity =0}
    MiniHugs, Irina

  15. Hi Lisa, what a generous and wonderful giveaways. But I won't participate, because in the last few months I have won quite some giveaways. So I want others to have a chance in yours! But I'll put the link on my blog...
    At the other hand: I am preparing a giveaway too, please, feel free to participate :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  16. Oh Lisa, Qué generosa eres!! y qué sorteo tan original. Me encantaría participar por supuesto me gustaría conseguir los regalos para Fimo. Te llevo a mi blog. Un abrazo y muchas gracias por la oportunidad!

  17. what a great give away...please count me in for polymer clay :)

  18. Oh, a very generous giveaway with so much fun stuff! I would love to enter! I love both clay and fabric so I'm glad if I don't "have to choose" =) If I win you could choose for me ;)

  19. What a great giveaway! Count me in for the Polymer clay one! I will link your giveaway on my blog tonight!

  20. Me gusta mucho este sorteo. Si tuviera la suerte de salir ganadora me gustaría el lote de arcilla polimérica, aunque el de costura también está genial.
    Muchas gracias por la oportunidad.
    Lo publico en mi blog.

  21. Ohhh Lisa, que magnifico regalo para tu sorteo, me gustaría el nº1, muchas gracias por la oportunidad, te comparto en mi blog!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  22. What a great surprise - and what a lovely idea! Thank you for offering this generous giveaway, both prices are gorgeous... but in the unlikely case that I would be the lucky one I'd go for No. 2. Good luck to everyone - and I've linked you to my blog.


  23. Thank's for the lovely giveaway. The n1 it's wonderful. I follow you and share your banner and put a post in my blog. Greetings for you. :)

  24. Yes please. Please include me in your giveaway. I have posted a link to my blog. It is difficult to choose one but I think I would go with Giveaway 1 as I haven't seen the coloured sand before and it would be fun to experiment with it.

  25. Great giveaway :) Please, count me in. I would love to have the polymer clay set :)
    I put the link and your banner on my blog.
    Pozdrawiam! :)

  26. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for your giveaway!
    I prefer the polymer clay set, because I would like to try working with clays.
    Have a nice day!

  27. Me encantaria participar y si me tocara me gustaría el lote de fimo

  28. Please count me in for the Polymer clay. I put a banner on my blog. Great giveaway :))) Thank You :)

  29. Cara Lisa, molto generoso il tuo giveaway e hai ragione sul desiderio che arrivi la primavera!
    Partecipo perciò molto volentieri sull'argilla polimerica e posto il link sul mio blog.
    Un abbraccio.Manu

  30. Hi Lisa, WOW! what great giveaways. I love them both but if I by any chance I should happen to win I'd love the Polymer clay set giveaway #1. There are canes and things there I've always wanted but couldn't get. Love your site and am off to see more of your awesome goodies.

  31. what an awesome giveaway..count me in! i'm following you on GFC, twitter, pinterest, bloglovin and g+!!. i'd love to win either prize but the polymer clay set would really be useful for some miniature things i'm working on for my daughter's doll house! thanks again for this giveaway and for your wonderful blog! oh and the email address i check most is angelatrennaATearthlinkDOTnet fingers are crossed!

  32. Wonderful giveways!
    Both giveways are great.
    I put the banner on my blog:

  33. What a wonderful Giveaway. Thank you for the chance! If I have to choose, I´d prefer the first one althought I sewn very often and could use the second too. Both are wonderful and useful
    Hugs Melli

  34. me gustaría mucho participar en el sorteo del lote de Sculpey. Subo el enlace a mi blog

  35. Thanks for offering such a generous giveaway. I'm following your blog via my email and since polymer clay is intimidating for me, i'd prefer the needle and thread kit. Now i'm off to explore more of your site :D

  36. Gracias por el sorteo. Prefiero el lote de Sculpey.
    Subo el enlace a mi blog.


  37. Count me in on your great giveaway! I prefer the polymer clay supplies but the sewing kit would be very useful too!
    I put a link on my sidebar

  38. Hola Lisa, me gustaría participar en tu sorteo y la opción que elijo es la de la pasta polimérica. Lo de coser no se me da nada bien. Lo anuncio en mi blog. Besos

  39. Hola me anoto al sorteo por el #1, ambos son necesarios, pero necesito comiditas para mis casitas,
    suerte a todos,
    leonor (brisaymar)

  40. Hola Lisa, me encantaría poder participar en tu tengo que elegir una opcion, me gustaría la 1ª y así me animaria a trabajar con ese tipo de arcilla.... pero la 2ª no esta nada mal y estoy segura de que también le sacaría mucho provecho...Muchas Gracias (No puedo compartirlo, ya que no tengo blog)

  41. Gracias Lisa por este sorteo, me encantará participar. Lo pongo en mi blog:-)

  42. Thanks Lisa for this generous giveaway !
    Please, count me in.
    Both giveaways are great, but I prefer to have the polymer clay supplies.
    I put a link on my blog, and I cross my fingers...

  43. Oh Lisa, you're so generous with us!!! Wonderful giveaway, both are great but If I have to choose one, I prefer first one, polymer clay giveaway! Of course, I put your giveaway on my blog!! Thank you very much! A big hug (PD: I prefer spring too :D )

  44. Hola me gustaria participar,en el sorteo de Polymer Clay. Subo el enlace a mi blog.
    Un abrazo.
    Villa Pulgarcito.

  45. Thanks for the giveaway! I like both Mini Supplies, but perhaps I prefer the Polymer Clay one...
    I'm leaving a link to the giveaway in my blog:

  46. Hi Lisa,

    Oooo I popped over to see what wonderful creations you have been making and see that you have a giveaway, mmmmm nice! Would love to enter for the polymer clay giveaway, thankyou so much for your generosity Lisa, much appreciated. Hope I win! lol

  47. Hey there :)

    I found your blog while looking through other miniatures blogs and I was very excited to see this giveaway :D
    I love miniatures and making them but I can't afford much, sadly :(
    So that's why I'd love to participate, because it means I can practice more and improve :D
    The polymer clay giveaway would be amazing!
    Thank you for giving a chance like this. Thank you (:

  48. Hola, me gustaría mucho participar por la arcilla polimerica, subo el enlace a mi blog
    Saludos Angeles Sanchez

  49. I would love to enter! I am already a follower. Both are great giveaways but I think I would prefer the polymer clay kit. :)

  50. Oh my God, I almost missed your wonderful giveaway!!! Please count me in, I love both, but I prefer the first one. I put your link on my blog. Have a nice week! Hugs, Melli

  51. Bellissimo ed utilissimo giveaway!! Conta su di me, partecipo molto volentieri!!!
    Corro a mettere un link

  52. Adorei seus trabalhos já me tornei sua seguidora e já coloquei um link no meu blog pode conferir por favor conte comigo para o sorteio um abraço

  53. Hola me acabo de enterar de este sorteo y de tu blog :) gustaria participar y desde ya te sigo interesaria el de arcilla polimerica, ya que en mi pais no se encuentra ese producto ...gracias por el sorteo :)

  54. So who are the winners of the lovely giveaways? I missed it.


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